Las Vegas nightclubs are found all throughout the city. Each club has its own theme and unique features. Individuals, couples, and groups who want to enjoy music, dance, and have cocktails will have to use some deductive skills to find the right club to visit.

Vegas Nightclubs by Music

Not all of the nightclubs play the same type of music. Everyone has a preference on the type of music they want to hear. Additionally, there might be a live DJ playing on certain nights within many of the top nightclubs.

Music found within the clubs can include:

  • Rock
  • Disco
  • Country
  • Electronic/house
  • Jazz
One of the best ways to learn about the nightclub is to visit the club's website. They will list special events as well as who will be the DJ or the live entertainment for the night.

Stoney's Rockin' Nightclub is one of the top country nightclubs in the city.

Surrender Nightclub is one of the top rock clubs with a live DJ in Vegas.

Vegas Nightclubs by Bar

All of the nightclubs in Las Vegas have a full liquor setup. Some of the clubs also promote bottle service, where a full bottle of a certain alcohol is brought to the table. When such service is taken advantage of, the guest usually enjoys VIP services that will include a VIP host who will show the guests to their private table and take extra care of the party throughout the night.

Many of the bars in Vegas are known for being "over the top" in one way or another. There is something for everyone. Bars are also often categorized by the main type of drink they serve, including

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey/Scotch
  • Rum
  • Shots
Many of the clubs that specialize in one drink over another also have a more subdued theme. For example, wine and/or whiskey drinkers don't want a lot of loud music. Most of the bars and clubs that specialize in such menus will have jazz or other lighter music playing.

Double Helix is found within the Grand Canal Shoppes and serves both wine and whiskey in an upscale lounge atmosphere.

Vegas Nightclubs by Gimmick

Many of the nightclubs offer some gimmick as a way of getting people in the door. It is something different that they do in comparison to the "average" place. Some of the "unique" bars include

There are also plenty of nightclubs that double as strip clubs. If they are fully nude they do not offer full liquor. As such, most of the clubs of this type are topless. There is dancing, entertainment, a live DJ in many instances, as well as topless women walking around everywhere. Cover charges are generally low or free. The major cost within such establishments is the lap dances, which are offered by women on a regular basis.

Vegas Nightclubs by Cover Charge

The majority of night clubs throughout Las Vegas charge admission to get in. This "admission" is known as a cover charge. They might offer reduced or free cover charges on certain nights to certain groups of people. This can include discounts for women, nurses, those within the hospitality industry, the trucking industry and more.

The average cost to get into a club is $5 to $10. Some of the top clubs in the city charge $20 or more. There might also be a wait, which is why many clubs offer a VIP entrance which involves paying double the standard cover charge in most instances. If a bottle package is purchased ahead of time, it will often include the VIP entrance.

Choosing the Nightclub

With so many Las Vegas nightclubs, it's important to explore what each club has to offer. A person might be interested in a club based upon its music, its cover charge, or even location.

Many of the Strip-based hotels and resorts have nightclubs on premises. These are often found on the top floor of the hotel. Cover charges might even be waived for guests of the hotel. Hotels with nightclubs on premises include

  • The Mirage
  • Hard Rock
  • Vdara
  • Encore
  • W Las Vegas

The concierge within the hotels will provide guests with all they need to know about going to the club.

Reviews. Reviews are one of the based ways to learn about a club in Las Vegas. People who have been to the club will tell a person everything they need to know, including some of the tips as to when to go and what to expect to pay to get in.

Plan ahead. Planning ahead is vital when wanting to go to one of the popular clubs. Many of the clubs will take reservations or sell bottles or VIP packages ahead of time in order to make it easier for people to get in without waiting for hours in a line.