Falls on Little Ridge Creek
Lumpkin County

Three falls on Little Ridge Creek are at the upper end of Boggs Creek Campground in the Chattahoochee National Forest. To reach the falls from Dahlonega take US19N 15 miles to Turners Corner at the junction of US19 with US129. Continue north on US19/129 for 1.5 miles to the entrance to Boggs Creek Recreational Area and turn right at the Boggs Creek sign. Follow the road through the campground for approximately 1.8 miles and park where Little Ridge Creek (the left fork) and Cow Rock Creek join to become Boggs Creek at the ford. This is a parking fee area. The trail begins here and the total trail distance to the last falls on Little Ridge Creek is about .6 miles with an elevation change of about 300 ft.

From the parking area after crossing a blocking mound walk up the left side of Little Ridge Creek for about 400 yards. After crossing a small creek coming in from the left continue for about another 100 yards (the trail will begin to ascend Little Ridge and then end) and cross Little Ridge Creek and climb about 100 feet to an old logging road. From this point on the trail follows the creek but at a 30 to 40 ft. higher elevation so the creek is not always visible. The creek has almost continuous cascades and water slides as it descends the mountainside. Climb up the right side of the creek on the old logging road and reach the first of three falls in about 200 yards. Reach the second falls in another 200 yards. The top of the second falls has a flat shelf and from there to the third falls is relatively flat and is only a short distance. The third falls provides an interesting view as it makes it way through a narrow opening in large boulders.

GPS and Topo Data
Falls - N34º 42.42' W83º 53.40'
Elevation 2040'

Lower Falls on Little Creek in Winter

Lower Falls in summer with less flow.

Second falls in winter.

Second Falls in summer again with less water flow.

Top of second falls.

The upper falls twists and turns through large boulders as it descends to the top of the second falls.

From the parking area to the top falls Little Ridge Creek has shoals and small cascades throughout its course as the one shown here near the parking area.


Tiny falls in a swirl hole above the second falls during a period of little rainfall.