Bad Branch Falls
Rabun County

Bad Branch Falls is 3.2 miles from the Lake Seed Dam. To reach the falls Follow US441 north out of Tallulah Falls for 2 miles and turn on Old 441 at the Rabun Beach Recreation Area sign. Follow Old 441 for 2.5 miles and turn left on Lake Rabun Road. Proceed along the shore of Lake Rabun for 6 miles (past the Rabun Beach Recreation area) to the Lake Seed Dam. Cross the lake below the dam on a one-lane bridge. Go 0.3 miles to the stop sign and turn right on Crow Creek Rd. Follow Crow Creek Rd. for 2.9 miles.The unmarked trail head will be on the left. Allow 5 minutes for a easy walk to the falls. The Georgia Power Company maintains a recreation area a short distance beyond the Bad Branch Trailhead where restrooms are available. Below is a photo of the falls at higher water.

GPS and TOPO data:
Falls – N34°45.90’ W83°31.17’
Elevation 1950’