Have you ever driven down a highway in the south and seen what you think looks like a dog or a cat or an elephant or some other animal shape made by kudzu growing over trees? The shape above might look to you as a prairie dog and to others something else. This kud-Zoo web page is dedicated to all of the animals and other shapes that can be seen in the fields of kudzu. Because different people may see different animals in the kudzu photographs, artist Bill Lawson of Dahlonega, Ga. has touched-up the images a little so there is no question about what we think the shape is in this Kud-Zoo.

Have you made pictures that you would like to share of kudzu shapes that look to you like some animal, person, or object? If you email a jpeg file to me (jackandjune@gmail.com) along with your name and any other information you wish to include, I will display it on this web site along with your name in the hopes that together, over time, we can have an extensive kud-Zoo that we can share with others. If you "touch-up" the shape on the image, send also the image with no touch up.

This image by my friend Norris Randall of Phenix City, AL was the inspiration for this Kud-zoo web page. Thanks Norris.
This historic kudzu creature was discovered near Dahlonega, Ga. by our friend Sally Cane who recognized it as a kudzusaurus still drooling after its last meal. Her photographer husband, Jack, realizing the significance of the find forwarded this photo for inclusion in the kudzoo in October of 2010. Nice going Sally and Jack!
The king is sitting on his thrown. Facial features were enhanced by subtle darkening of the kudzu to make sure everyone saw what I saw.
This image of a horse in kudzu by Randee Sellers was made in Springville, Tennessee
This picture of a kudzu gorilla was made by Molly in Evansville, Indiana.
This picture of kudzu that looks like a ghost or a yeti was made by Toyhiko Nitta in his home town of Moriya-city, Ibaraki-prefecture, Japan.

Big Cat?


Giraffe head courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences


Bull, buffalo or elephant?

Woman Watering Kudzu?



Not sure. Is it a cat?

Hannah Moniz from New York believes that it is a scarecrow with its head tilted down, with a hat on and a carrot like nose.

Paul Gobin believes the image above is a girl with long flowing hair with her head tilted and shown from the back.

May Loos sees a unicorn on the right side of the image.

Theresa Steele from Austin, TX sees an old man with a bushy beard on the left side of the image.

Michael Morris at the University of Adelaide in Austrailia and Conrad Farnham at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire both see King Kong in this mass of kudzu. Tiffanie Nielson from Missouri has seen a lot of Peregrine Falcons in Idaho and has outlined one in the kudzu image above. Thanks Tiffanie.