Few houses are abandoned and allowed to be taken over by vegetation. However, in parts of the south including the city of Atlanta those that are, are susceptible to being engulfed by kudzu. Some make interesting natural sculptures. Here are 41 buildings and old houses in 52 images which are visible from highways and streets in Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.
These first two kudzu covered houses on this page were the inspiration for this web site. The smaller images were added when most had dialup internet connection so the images were made small to make it easier to look at the web site. Since DSL is more common the recent pictures are posted larger.

The cabin and vegetation at the right are shown in all four seasons This cabin is located near Dahlonega, Ga. .  

To see enlarged images of four seasons click here.

To see images of this cabin taken at one month intervals from winter to
late summer of 2007 click here.


LEFT: Abandoned house near Cleveland, Ga., August 1998

Right: Same house in March, 1998

This house was demolished in the spring of 2007.

There really is a house hidden under this kudzu in Elijay, Ga. The image was made in the summer of 2007.

This is the same house in January of 2008.

Kudzu attacking this residential area is being held at bay by a white picket fence.


LEFT: Abandoned house in Hall County, 1999

RIGHT: Abandoned Farm House in Dawson County, 1999



LEFT: Abandoned house in Atlanta, Ga.

RIGHT: House near Leaf, Ga.


Rockhouse Rd. -2007
House or building in downtown Clayton, Ga. - 2008
Abandoned store near Gainesville, Ga., 2003
Door of store above
House on Wash Rider Rd. - 2007

Same House on Wash Rider Rd. in the fall of 2008 after frost turned leaves brown.

LEFT: Abandoned Gas Station near Lakemont, Ga. July, 2001. This Bldg. has since burned.

RIGHT: House in Dahlonega, GA. This house has since been remodeled and occupied.



House on Hwy 11 near Walhalla, S.C. Fall of 2007.

LEFT: Abandonded House near Westminister, SC July, 2001

RIGHT: Same house in March, 2001. The house was removed about 2006.


Abandoned house and barn in Toccoa, Ga., Summer of 2007


LEFT: House inLumpkin Co., 1997

RIGHT: Same house after kudzu had been removed with a herbicide in 1997. In the summer of 1998 the kudzu again covered the building and grounds.


Same house as two above in 2005

House in downtown Tate, GA. shown in summer and winter.


House in Toccoa, Ga.- 2007

Left: This house house on a busy intersection in Alpharetta, Ga. has since been removed.

Right: Abandoned store near Tate Ga.

House north of Eufaula, AL on Hwy 168 - 2007

Left: This house hidden under the kudzu is on Dawson Forest Rd.


Right: The house on the hill is in Dawson County.

House on Hwy US129, Andrews N.C.
  There are many abandoned mobile homes being covered over with kudzu      
  Left: Is this a house under this cover of kudzu in Seneca, S.C.?

Right: This small building in Walhalla, S.C. looks like it might have been a small house also.
  The house on the right was being moved but didn't move fast enough. Kudzu got it!      
Left: Clarksville, Ga.

Right: Near Cumming, Ga.

Left: Old Homeplace in Dawson County, Ga.

Right: House in Walhalla, S.C., Oct. ,1997

Gainesville-Jefferson Hwy. - 2005
Left: Mt. Airy, Ga.

Right: House in Erhart, S. C.