Kudzu Blossoms


These kudzu flowers are approximately 6 inches long.    
   Kudzu flower  Kudzu flower

Kudzu Blossoms grow upright and as the petals emerge higher up on the flower stem the seed pods begin to form at the bottom of the flower.

In Georgia the flowers begin to bloom in July.    Kudzu flowers
The colors vary some but are usually a shade of red or magenta. The white and pink blossoms shown above are rare.
Detail from above image
The lengths of these kudzu pods range from two to three inches.

The kudzu vine is a member of the bean family and seeds grow in pods as shown here.

      Kudzu flowers begin to appear in North Georgia in July and continue to bloom until September or October and are accompanied by a pleasant sweet smell which can be evident hundreds of feet from the vines. Most of these photos were taken near the end of August.