Images added 8/10/04   Many barns throughout the south are fast disappearing or becoming unused. When a barn is abandoned where kudzu is growing nearby it will soon be taken over by the kudzu. The barns shown here are but a few of those which can be seen from roadways when traveling through the countryside throughout the south. The barn on a pond shown above is unusually picturesque.
Left - Barn in Lower Alabama.  

Same Alabama barn in winter taken from another angle.

LEFT: This barn west of Dawsonville, Ga. burned down after this photo was taken.

Left: Helen, Ga.

LEFT : Chicken house,
Hall County, Ga.

RIGHT: Dawson, Co., Ga.

LEFT: Chicken house on New Hope Rd. north of Dawsonville, Ga.

RIGHT: Chicken house on Hwy. 60 south of Dahlonega, Ga. has since been removed.


Barn on Wash Rider Rd. Late summer - 2008
Same barn on Wash Rider Rd. after frost has caused the kudzu to turn brown. Fall - 2008

LEFT: Dawson Co.

RIGHT: This garage in Murreyville, Ga. has been removed since this photo was taken.



LEFT:Robertstown, Ga. This barn burned down in 2002.

RIGHT : This used to be a small store in Auraria, Ga.


Chicken house (left) and barn (right) in Hall County, Ga.  



Right: Outbuilding in Toccoa, Ga.

Barn off US129 near Gainesville, Ga.